As I mentioned above.. my first car ever was a Nissan 350Z.. As a regular teenager I wanted show off to my friends at all times, but something felt funny all the time.

My car always felt like it was “lacking” something from day 1 of owning it.

cleaning my fuel injectors

cleaning my fuel injectors

The feeling of just not having the right power really bothered me. So I took it to the local automotive repair shop to see whats wrong, and the guy told me it’s simple. Your fuel injectors and line are in bad shape. Carbon build up has occured and to his surprise, faster than it was supposed to. My car had about 79K miles on it and I always put premium gas (91 or 93) octane. But one thing I didn’t know was that the previous owner did not place premium. They placed regular 87 octane for most of it’s beginner life, which was from mile 0. So the mechanic recommended I do 1 of 2 things, first is I either run a few bottle of the best fuel injector cleaners on the market OR do a complete fuel system clean up and really get that thing all taken care of.

Option B would cost me about 15 hundred bucks, so I opted in for a few bottles of Royal Purples Max-Clean.

After about 4 total treatments, my car feels like it’s brand spanking new!

WOHOO! totally recommend it!

Welcome to OPENPGP.Net! Home of Advice on Proper Car Maintenance


If you’re here, it’s probably because you are looking for advice on cars, trucks, suvs etc… You would like to know some advice on how to maintain the interior, exterior, the car parts and of course how to get the most out of your car in terms of value.

What can you expect from OPENPGP in the next coming weeks..

It’s simple.

Starting out and really getting to know how everything works in your car be it a regular honda civic, bmw 328i, or heck… even a nissan gtr(beast of a car).. you can learn how to properly clean it, maintain it mechanically and MUCH MUCH more!

But first, let me introduce myself as I’d like for you to really know who’s behind the whole blog.

MY name is Tolga, originally from Turkey but raised in Tennessee and recently moving down to South East Florida. My family has been in the fast food resteraunt businesses since 1983 buying and operating multiple chains including McDonalds, Subway, Burger King and a few others. My life has always been to be a programmer and studying in college to make it a full time career.

My side passion is cars and writing about anything that could possibly relate to cars.
My first project car right in this video: )

Since graduating high school, i’ve honestly learned a TON. Working in a quick detail shop to now, working as a part time professionald detailer and it has taught me a LOT.

Shop Vac Reviews

Read those right before you decide to buy one. Working just 3 months has taught me that reading any kind of reviews before buying a product can same you a LOT of hassle. And of course, in this example getting a shop vac can do WONDERS. The best shop vac for the money is often less than 100 bucks, which in my example I use craftsman.

More to come shortly…

Some references are from: Wikipedia!