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Your Apocalypse Vehicle Needs The Best Crossbow Machine Gun.. Here’s Why!

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Imagine this, you’re driving through the forest and zombies pop out of nowhere. You have some ammo but you need to conserve it very well. The best crossbow on the market especially with the bolt tied to a string can easily take down a zombie when going straight into the head. A headshot is exactly what you need to make the biggest difference in this war with zombies.

Further more, when trying to survive, you need to understand that a heavy duty vehicle such as a Hummer or a Ford Raptor will make the biggest difference especially since they are jacked up and can crawl just about anything on Gods green earth.

How being a good driver, is impacted by your shower head at home.. listen up!

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If you have ever been racing, you know you were all in the mood to get things done. Your car ran well your car was clean and you were clean. However, if your shower head at home is not up to par… it’s a bit hopeless. Look at some shower head reviews online to find a good shower head. When it comes down to taking care of your car like it’s your baby, you must be taken care of too!

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How to avoid speeding tickets in 49 states in America.

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How to avoid speeding tickets in 49 states in America.Imagine this, you’re driving down the highway minding your own business when suddenly you see the blue flashing lights.

The cop pulls you over and you realize that there’s nothing you can do to explain the cop for what you did. All of a sudden he tells you you’ve been clocked 10-15 miles over the speed limit. The best radar detector on the market will cover you, more on this in a second.


You decide to play it cool hoping the cop doesn’t give you a ticket, but with little to no success… the odds are the trooper or cop will give you a ticket. Source: Twitter via ufoai

After what seems like it’s an eternity.. he comes back to your window and issues you a citation for speeding over the speed limit.

The ticked not only ruins your day, but also jacks up your insurance premium. Worse yet, the insurance premium isn’t the worst part… as you’d probably understand the license points are the WORST part.

 Radar Detector Reviews at

Get enough tickets in a year or two and your license is suspended. That means no more personal transportation, instead it’s either the scooter, taxi or some friends.

Luckily, you’re not along in this struggle with avoiding tickets.

*Unless you’re in the unlucky state of Virginia or District of Columbia (D.C.)

Using a radar detector, and a damn good one at that.. you’d be able to see exactly what we mean when we say,

“You’ll have a MUCH better warning of when the police is ahead”.

Now, the radar detector will ONLY signal when there’s a police shooting laser or radar. Since police use those two methods primarily to get your speed, you can arm yourself with a quality radar detector and help yourself avoid tickets. A word of advice, take a look at some radar detectors under 200 dollars. 


The leader in radar detectors is this brand, Beltronics.

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How to find the best fuel system cleaner online, for cheap!

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Camry using the top fuel system cleaners to keep running

In this busy day and age, our cars are on 17/7 (17 hours per day, 7 days per week). The common car is often times a Prius, Camry, Focus, TL and a bunch more others. They all use regular 87 octane gasoline and with todays prices, the fuel cost is much cheaper than it was in 2014.

Camry using the top fuel system cleaners to keep running

Camry using the top fuel system cleaners to keep running

Your best fuel injector cleaner device may take a beating when you don’t use
the the best fuel system cleaner for the engine. What
this does is make the gas mileage go DOWN and worst
of all, it makes everything else in the car go down
as well.

Have you ever been driving down the road and all of a
sudden began to notice a “rough” ride and idling
becomes very … iffy (if we can say that.).

It’s almost always the fuel injectors because they
tend to go first and are recommended to be replaced
first if no cleaner is used.

You can use the BG 44K fuel system cleaner as a gas treatment to truly
get a thorough clean. Stores often don’t carry it
just local shops and big dealerships sell it “marked
up”. What you can do if you’re not looking to that
rout is just get some Lucas Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit as an

This can often times be purchased at AutoZone,
Advanced Auto Parts & Walmart.


The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Shop Vac for Your Car!

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cool shop vacuum reviews


cool shop vacuum reviews

cool shop vacuum reviews

If you’re a car nut and you like to clean it almost every week I suggest you get yourself a good shop vacuum. It has multiple uses, not just vacuuming (we’ll go over that shortly.). Now, most people don’t buy good ones, they just stop by their local walmart and buy the “best shop vac on the market” according to what they see. But without reading any kind of reviews, how could they know.

This post here will tell you how reading shop VAC reviews will help you tremendously. Amazon has the biggest inventory of vacuum cleaners available for the general public. Often times, the best sellers have over a 4 star rating AND well over 100 reviews.

By digging deep, you’ll see their main benefits, features, and cons in some cases. The best part is though, obviously they are REAL customer REVIEWS. not fake or anything like that.

You must check it out for more information (

Source: Best Car Vacuum .

The top rates shop vacuum cleaners are often times not the most expensive ones either. You can grab a 16 gallon Vacmaster shop vacuum for about 100 bucks and it has enough horsepower to really do some damage for both dirt, dust and liquids. But by reading the full best wall mounted shop vacuum review page.

How great is that?

It’s excellent for cars, garages and work!

*HD vacuums source.